Policy Summary

EVERYANGLE is committed to helping our customers achieve the very best results from the EVERYANGLE applications they deploy and we maintain a dedicated support team to that end. It is our policy that all Level 1 and Level 2 support be delivered by the Cisco Partner who has the commercial arrangement with the end customer. EVERYANGLE supports and trains the Partner support team in performing this role. Level 3 support is provided by EVERYANGLE working in concert with the partner support team.



The case is analysed and clarifying questions asked to ensure that the issue faced by the customer are fully understood and documented. If the issue appears to be one that is on the list of common issues then Level 1 may be able to resolve it by providing a standard suggested resolution to the issue in question. If the suggested resolution does not resolve the issue then it is escalated to Level 2 Support.


The case is analysed by a level 2 support technician and checked against known solutions related to more complex issues. If a solution has previously been documented this will be send to the customer. If the issue has not arisen previously or all relevant suggested solutions have been deemed to be ineffective then the case is escalated to Level 3 support.


This is the highest level of support and is undertaken by our product development team. It typically becomes involved when the issue is so complex that the Level 2 teams could not resolve it or because is it relates to a bug in the software or a customer requirement for which the software was not designed.

  • Only Level 3 support cases are escalated to the EVERYANGLE support team.
  • To request Level 3 support the Partner must first log a valid support request by either calling EVERYANGLE’s dedicated support telephone line during Normal Business Hours or emailing the our support desk on [email protected]
  • Support requests must be submitted by an Authorised Customer Contact on behalf of the Partner. Support requests received from all other persons will be referred for approval to an Authorised Customer Contact prior to any action being taken by the Company.

Service Level Objectives for Response and Resolution Times

This section sets out guidelines that the Company provide for response and resolution times for service availability incidents, support incidents and change requests. These are guidelines only but set out the level of service we aim to achieve. The ticket priority level is defined by the Company in its sole discretion.

Ticket Type LevelResponse TimeAction or Downgrade Time
Service Availability30 minutes2 hours
Support Incident4 business hours8 business hours
Change requeste.g. email for alerts or login credentials8 business hours16 business hours

Pre-defined Incidents and Change Control

This section provides guidance on the ticket priority level of certain common incidents and change control requests.

DescriptionSupport type
Change or addition of dashboard user credentialsChange Request
Change of selection of apps deployed on a specific cameraChange Request
Dashboard not displaying results or obviously incorrect resultsSupport Incident
Service outage across the entire customer networkService Availability
Service outage on 1 or more cameras in a specific locationSupport Incident

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