Innovative Banking Solutions

Elevate banking intelligence and enhance customer trust with EVERYANGLE’s Vision AI.

EVERYANGLE’s Suite of Features for Banking Excellence

Unlock banking analytics to understand customer behavior, enhance financial product marketing, and design bank layouts that optimize customer service. With EVERYANGLE, you’re not merely analyzing transaction numbers, but transforming each visit into an enriching banking experience.

Precision Customer Counting

Monitor and assess footfall specific to service counters and desks, discerning preferences and banking trends.

Optimized Staff Allocation

Ensure every customer enjoys swift and personalized service by proficiently deploying staff during peak banking hours.

Assess In-Bank Promotions

Measure the efficacy of in-bank promotions, special loan offers, and exclusive banking packages.

Detailed Customer Demographics

Acquire insights into the age, gender, and financial product preferences of your customers, refining your offerings and marketing campaigns accordingly.

Performance Insights

Identify which banking areas attract the most interactions, adjusting service points for optimum accessibility and engagement.

Deep Dive with EVERYANGLE’s Banking Analytics

Integrate customer insights with our cutting-edge banking analytics tool. Experience enhanced customer satisfaction and increased banking transactions.

Efficient Bank Layouts

Determine zones where customers spend the most time and position high-demand services there, enhancing their visibility and accessibility.

Operational Efficiency

Watch customer interactions and refine staff allocation, ensuring each customer receives tailored attention.

Marketing Campaign Assessment

Examine the success of advertising campaigns and promotional efforts across various bank zones. Measure the impact of special interest rates, customer workshops, and other banking events.

Boost Loyalty & Uplift Customer Experience

Enhance the banking experience by providing prompt service, detailed consultations, and fostering enduring customer relationships.

Leading the Future of Banking

EveryAngle is pioneering modern banking, equipping financial institutions with impactful, data-driven insights.

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