Meet Loss Prevention - Our Shrinkage Reduction Suite

Discover how Loss Prevention mitigates retail shrinkage, enhances checkout security, and optimizes staff deployment for unparalleled ROI.

Protect Your Store with Secure, Data-Driven Decisions

Loss Prevention fortifies retail outlets, enabling you to:

Minimize Shrinkage

Harnessing the power of computer vision, our suite detects potential theft scenarios in real-time, ensuring you're always a step ahead.

Elevate Checkout Security

Loss Prevention's robust features like 'Side-by-Side' POS Video Investigation and 'Customer Not Present' Detection offer heightened security at checkout points.

Optimize Loss Prevention Staff Deployment

Using data-driven insights, allocate your Loss Prevention team effectively during peak hours, ensuring maximum coverage.

Fast-Track Shrink Investigations

With rapid investigation tools, resolve potential shrink issues faster and with greater accuracy, ensuring the integrity of your sales process.

Stay Ahead with Dynamic Outsourcing

Our flexible suite allows dynamic outsourcing of transaction human reviews, ensuring you have the resources you need when you need them.

Transform Retail Through Proactive Security Measures

Loss Prevention isn’t just about detection; it’s about actionable strategies tailored for retail security success. Here’s how we turn insights into tangible results:

Reduce Checkout Shrink Investigations by 90%

Leverage tools that allow for quick and accurate investigations, safeguarding your bottom line.

Increase POS Transaction Investigation Coverage to 100%

Every transaction is under the watchful eye, ensuring a comprehensive security net.

80% Reduction in Transactions Needing Human Review

With automated detection tools, the number of manual reviews drops drastically, enhancing efficiency.

The Power of Prevention - Act Early, Save Big

Preventive measures often lead to exponential growth in retail. The power of proactive loss prevention:

The Power of 1%:
Small Changes, Monumental Impact

Every retail business seeks that edge — that slight improvement that leads to exponential growth. What if we told you it’s often in the seemingly small numbers? The power of just 1% can redefine success:

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