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Revolutionizing dining insights to enhance guest experiences with EVERYANGLE’s Vision AI.

EVERYANGLE’s Suite of Features for Restaurant Excellence

Unleash the potential of restaurant analytics to comprehend diner behavior, fine-tune your culinary offerings, and make informed decisions on seating arrangements, ambiance, and menu placements. With EVERYANGLE, you’re not merely monitoring diner inflow but enhancing every dining moment.

Precision Guest Counting

Track and analyze diner volume during different meal periods, understanding peak times and popular menu choices.

Optimized Staff Deployment

Ensure guests are promptly served and attended to by effectively allocating staff during rush hours and special events.

Evaluate In-Restaurant Promotions

Measure the impact of special menu promotions, themed nights, and other dining offers to maximize engagement and revenue.

Detailed Restaurant Demographics

Gain insights into the age, preferences, and dining patterns of your guests to tailor your menu and promotions effectively.

Restaurant Performance Insights

Assess which areas of the restaurant – from the bar to different dining sections – are most frequented, allowing for optimal seating and service adjustments.

Delve Deep with EVERYANGLE’s Restaurant Analytics

Integrate insights into diner behavior with our superior restaurant analytics tool. See firsthand improvements in service quality and guest satisfaction.

Refine Dining Layout

Identify high-activity zones and optimize seating arrangements, bar placements, and dining flow for an enhanced guest experience.

Operational Efficiency

Monitor diner turnover rates and table wait times. Efficiently deploy staff to manage peak dining hours and ensure swift table turnovers.

Promotion ROI Measurement

Evaluate the success of special menus, holiday promotions, and guest loyalty programs to refine your marketing approach.

Enhance Guest Loyalty

Boost guest satisfaction through personalized service, swift response times, and a dining experience that resonates.

A Revolution for Restaurants & Hospitality

EveryAngle is transforming the dining realm, outfitting establishments with transformative, data-driven strategies.

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