Retail Gas Station Solutions

Revolutionizing gas station insights to optimize service with EVERYANGLE’s Vision AI.

EVERYANGLE’s Suite of Features for Gas Station Excellence:

Harness the capabilities of gas station analytics to understand customer inflow, streamline refueling operations, and make informed decisions on pump layout and in-store arrangements. With EVERYANGLE, it’s not just about monitoring customer numbers but optimizing every visit.

Precision Customer Counting

Accurately track and analyze the volume of vehicles and customers, determining peak times and popular services.

Optimized Staffing & Efficiency

Ensure efficient staff allocation during rush hours to facilitate smooth operations and superior customer service.

Evaluate In-Station Promotions:

Measure the effectiveness and engagement of promotions, special fuel offers, and in-store advertising displays.

Detailed Station Demographics

Gain insights into the age, gender, and preferences of your customers, paving the way for more targeted service offerings and product placements.

Station Performance Insights

Gauge which areas of the station – from pumps to in-store sections – garner the most activity, allowing for optimal layout and service adjustments.

Delve Deep with EVERYANGLE’s Gas Station Analytics

Merge insights into customer behavior with our advanced gas station analytics tool. Experience improvements in operations and heightened customer satisfaction.

Refine Station Layout

Identify high-traffic areas and optimize pump placements, in-store arrangements, and self-service zones for efficiency.

Operational Efficiency

Monitor queue lengths at pumps and counters to ensure fast service. Efficiently deploy staff to manage high-demand services and in-store counters.

Marketing ROI Measurement

Assess the impact of in-station marketing efforts, loyalty programs, and special fuel promotions.

Foster Loyalty

Boost satisfaction by providing quick service times, streamlined operations, and a comprehensive in-store shopping experience.

A Revolution for Retail Gas Stations

EveryAngle is redefining the gas station experience, equipping them with transformative, data-driven strategies.

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