Meet Intelligent Archive - The Future of CCTV Storage & Retrieval

Discover how Intelligent Archive revolutionizes CCTV storage, making vital data retrieval efficient, cost-effective, and effortless.

Elevate Your CCTV Retrieval Experience

With Intelligent Archive, you gain:

Seamless Access

Effortlessly navigate through years of footage, ensuring every critical moment is always within reach.

Optimized Storage

Benefit from advanced storage techniques that ensure minimal infrastructure costs and long-term data retention.

Empower Security & Compliance

Whether it's for security, insurance, or compliance, ensure your business is equipped to easily access, retrieve, and make sense of historical footage.

Streamlined User Experience

A user-friendly interface and configurable retrieval make accessing your data straightforward and intuitive.

Privacy By Design

Securely store, retrieve, and share footage with state-of-the-art security measures in place.

Transform Footage Retrieval with Intelligent Archive

Intelligent Archive isn’t just about storing data; it’s about optimizing access and ensuring data availability when it matters the most.

Instant Access to Moments that Matter

Gone are the days of tedious searches. With our solution, every moment you capture is just a few clicks away.

Meet Compliance & Legal Demands

Reduce legal exposure and related costs by ensuring your stored data meets compliance mandates.

A Solution Built for Various Industries

From retail to warehouses, corporate offices to gas stations, our solution ensures data availability across sectors.

Real-World Impact & Rapid Deployment

Multiple times more energy efficient archiving leading to tens of thousands in savings and lessening impact on environment.

Gain Access To 5 Years Footage

Access the previously unseeable – with a game-changing technology from EVERYANGLE:

Experience Intelligent Archive's Efficiency Firsthand

Witness the transformative potential for your business in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Dive in with our 14-day free trial – commitment-free. We’re confident you’ll be impressed.

No, our archive resolution/fps is entirely separate from the camera settings.

At the core of each app we craft is the principle of ‘privacy by design’ in line with GDPR. Moreover, our IAPP’s CIPP certification stands testament to our commitment to the highest standards of data protection.

We can deploy to thousands of cameras within minutes

We utilize CCTV cameras and computer vision applications to make sense of complex visual data, and transform it into crystal clear, actionable insights. By gaining this deeper understanding of your environment, you’ll discover the steps for reducing loss, improving efficiency, optimizing staff costs, and making the most informed business decisions.

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