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Elevating Mall Experiences & Engagement with EVERYANGLE’s Vision AI.

EVERYANGLE’s Suite of Features for Mall Excellence

Leverage comprehensive mall analytics to understand visitor behavior, optimize retail tenant performance, and make strategic decisions on store placement and mall layout. With EVERYANGLE, you’re not just counting foot traffic, but maximizing every visit for enhanced engagement and retail success.

Advanced Visitor Insights

Monitor and interpret footfall throughout the mall, including specific zones, to understand visitor patterns and preferences.

Optimized Staffing & Efficiency

Align staffing schedules with traffic patterns to ensure customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Marketing Impact Assessment

Determine the effectiveness of mall-wide promotions and events by analyzing changes in traffic and tenant sales.

Shopper Demographics Analysis

Collect data on the age, gender, and group composition of your visitors to tailor marketing efforts and tenant mix.

Real Performance Insights

Identify prime locations within your mall for new tenants based on foot traffic and shopper behavior analytics.

Delve Deep with EVERYANGLE’s Mall Analytics

Harness your understanding of visitor behavior with our state-of-the-art Vision AI. Witness a significant increase in visitor engagement and tenant performance.

Enhanced Visitor Zones

Discover which areas of the mall are hotspots for visitors and optimize these spaces for increased exposure and tenant revenue.

Operational Efficiency

Monitor visitor flow and fine-tune facility management to address the needs of shoppers and tenants alike, improving overall mall efficiency.

Promotion and Event Success Tracking

Evaluate the effectiveness of mall-wide marketing efforts, seasonal events, and loyalty programs, measuring their impact on traffic and sales.

Elevate Shopper Experience

Transform the mall visit into a seamless journey, promptly responding to guest inquiries, streamlining visitor flow, and fostering a sense of community among regular patrons.

A Revolution for Shopping Malls

EveryAngle is leading the way in transforming shopping malls into vibrant, data-informed environments:

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