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Elevating event insights to maximize engagement with EVERYANGLE’s Vision AI.

EVERYANGLE’s Suite of Features for Event Excellence

Unravel the potential of event analytics to comprehend attendee behavior, refine marketing for specific sessions or exhibitions, and design venue layouts that enhance attendee experience. With EVERYANGLE, you’re not merely counting attendees, but optimizing every interaction for lasting impact.

Precision Attendee Counting

Track and evaluate footfall for specific sessions, workshops, or exhibition stalls, identifying hotspots and crowd favorites.

Optimized Staff Deployment

Ensure that every query or assistance request is promptly addressed by effectively distributing staff during peak activity periods.

Evaluate Event Layout

Gauge the success of stand locations, promotional banners, digital displays, and special event deals in attracting and engaging attendees.

Detailed Attendee Demographics

Glean insights into the age, profession, and interests of participants, aiding in tailoring future event content and marketing endeavors.

Performance Insights

Determine which sections of the event venue garner the most engagement and adapt layout or activity placement for maximum interaction.

Delve Deep with EVERYANGLE’s Event Analytics

Integrate your insights on attendee behavior with our pioneering event analytics tool. Witness heightened engagement and a boost in overall event success.

Engaging Layouts & Stalls

Identify key zones of attendee interest and curate layouts or exhibition stalls for maximum visibility and interaction.

Operational Excellence

Monitor attendee flow and streamline staff deployment to ensure every participant enjoys a seamless event experience.

ROI Measurement for Promotions

Evaluate the efficacy of event advertising, sponsor booths, and interactive sessions in engaging the attendee base.

Enhance Attendee Experience

Elevate the event experience by facilitating swift check-ins, interactive sessions, and creating lasting impressions.

A Revolution for Events

EveryAngle is redefining the event landscape, empowering organizers with actionable, data-driven insights.

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